You might have not notice before

Every time I stare

Even if you didn’t care

I blush

I feel the blood rush

Your presence still linger

Sending great shivers

Down my spine

I crossed the line

Of attraction

And border of infatuation

They start to blend together


If you ask me when,

I don’t know but it just happened

Don’t ask me why

Because I know I’ll just give you a lie

But I know —

It might be the stupidest thing

But every time I see my diamond ring

I pretend it was ours

A love bound by endless possibilities

Pushing all our capacities

To love…

And be loved.


But when I opened my eyes,

I know you couldn’t be here

To feel my love for you

Oh, dear,

Don’t you see?

Everything I do

I aim it at you

When my arms brushes yours

It flips my whole world

Just when you thought there was nothing

For me you are my everything



You don’t have to apologize

For I do realize

That it’s a one way road you took me

I can’t have your entirety

And so I weep…

For your love I know I couldn’t keep

But in case you have a change of heart

I’ll be waiting here not so far…


I feel like a psycho

Constantly thinking of things about you

But I won’t stop ’cause I can’t

Is this bad or is it really just meant

That you appear every waking moment of my life

You’ve covered all the grounds,

You’ve taken my mind in flight

With the birds…

And the bees…

Oh you know what I mean!

You’re just magnificent

And I could never really understand

Why 1 plus 1 is equal to 2

When in fact, you and me were never two

When we’re together, we fade into a single entity

It’s very rare,

But we don’t care

Not everybody could do the same that we do

For you and I, we are one of a kind

Even if they cast a hurtful spell, never mind!

But they say, I’m insane

I look into the mirror…

There you are, “Hey”

“Nothing is better than us”, I say



The flicker of white lights

That numb my heavy eyes

As I sat beside you, dreaming

And the dew drops of the morning


I keep within the confines of my mind

A thought…

Never to be told

Until the darkness could hold

An unspeakable memory

That was never to be known

But, I moved

Trying to reach a little part of you

A whisper,

I throw from the surface of my lips

In a projectile motion, how could I miss?

And you moved away

Again, the flicker of white lights

Washing away, turning your face to blur

And you tell me, “You must go on”

And my answer,

“You’re my compass, I can’t make it on my own”

I sat beside you

In an unconventional way, we glanced at each other

I felt the comfort of knowing you know

I imagined the situations I could do this with you forever

But you moved an inch away

There was a gush of air between

I knew,

My arms finally departed the comfort zones of your own

With eyes closed, I felt my breathing




I want to pull you back, but I couldn’t

You stood

What could I do?

I want to strangle your hands with mine

Not in a harsh way, though

In a loving way, I would

But, you were far ahead

Your back, it was clean

Your face, serene

But again, you were too far away…

And you left a spot on my arms

I could still feel it

The heat

You left me with something I could hold on to


Hopefully, you come back.

If I say I want you to stay, would you?

If I begin to think you are for me, will you believe it?

What if I hold your hands from nowhere, will you scream?

No, don’t sing me your love songs

They wouldn’t make things better

It’s clear, you want to walk away

I could let you go if you want to

I could stand far from you if you wish to

I could turn me blind if you want to hide forever

I just couldn’t find the key to these shackles

My wrists – they’re weak

I’ve been holding on to this handstand for so long

Where a vision of you is altered

Though, I never seemed to bother

A voice of yours is enough to send tingles

A note on your piece of lullaby is enough to cradle

The child’s heart that you keep running from