I feel like a psycho

Constantly thinking of things about you

But I won’t stop ’cause I can’t

Is this bad or is it really just meant

That you appear every waking moment of my life

You’ve covered all the grounds,

You’ve taken my mind in flight

With the birds…

And the bees…

Oh you know what I mean!

You’re just magnificent

And I could never really understand

Why 1 plus 1 is equal to 2

When in fact, you and me were never two

When we’re together, we fade into a single entity

It’s very rare,

But we don’t care

Not everybody could do the same that we do

For you and I, we are one of a kind

Even if they cast a hurtful spell, never mind!

But they say, I’m insane

I look into the mirror…

There you are, “Hey”

“Nothing is better than us”, I say



  1. NaPoWrimo: DAY 2

    This is was a challenge for me — to write in a different perspective. I never really meant it to be creepy at first. But, it just happened; It just came out this way. I guess this is just a simple exploration on the insanity and vanity in most of us. I really tried to make it a love poem with one person talking to another person. But, it made more sense to me to make it a dialogue between the self and the reflection

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